ICO International Community Organization

International Community Organization is a registered movement for the building of multiethnic communities around the world based on the respect of cultural diversity and the dignity of each human being. International Community Organization was first conceptualized in 2001. I the founder Elisa Scipioni have dedicated more than 10 years of my life buildings international communities of friends. In 2001 I created the ICO International Cultural Organization a club at the University of Alabama together with Anne-Laure Daubanchet and Dr. Madeleine Youmans (who unfortunately deceased in a terrible car accident). Parallel to the university effort of internationalization, an international community group was also active in Huntsville, AL and many of the participants including me were and continue to be today active in the International Society of Hunstville. In 2010, I moved to Monterey and our international group counts now hundreds of internationals dedicated to building this wonderful INTERNATIONAL community.
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ICO International Community Organization

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