Non profit organization, Decatur

Products will be posted for sale to raise funds for the community help group, created by Pamela Orr' on occasion other ad campaigns as well. This site has been created to sell products of various kinds by mail order and locally . To raise funds for the face book groups Community help group, and the caring heart group, as well as the free shopping group. To help families who needs financial help to pay bills, such as rent, medical and utilities, etc, I am hoping it will be more successful than the online communityhelpthriftshop. You can find all these groups by joining pamelasgrouplinks, and check them out to learn more about what We are trying to accomplish.I will be posting items for sale and info on how it works' and occasionally may post fund raising campaign ads as well. I hope everyone can help me make this joining and contributing to the cause. There are so many families out there for some reason or another having to deal with financial problems' loss of jobs, natural disasters' fires and many other misfortunes' homeless' disabled' for what ever the reason might be. I am hoping and praying to make a difference in their lives bys raising these funds. I have suffered many financial hardships my entire life' I have been homeless and hungry' so I know what it feels like to have nothing, thats why I have dedicated my time and effort to helping others, in hope that they will see that they do have somewhere to turn, and all the help I can get would be greatly appreciated, thank you happy shopping' for questions or concerns you can inbox me on face book, or email me at Call: 4792122816
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Non profit organization, Decatur

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