The Austin Harmony Project Nonprofit, Austin, United States

501(c)(3) Nonprofit program whose mission is to enrich the lives of adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities through the power of art, music, and community. Founded by Tressie Spillers-Seegers. Harmony's purpose is to create social balance between the community & adults with disabilities. Five days a week, Harmony conducts art and music sessions that focus on creative self-expression as well as jobs and job training services through Harmony Books and the Harmony Thrift & Gift Store. Harmony stays connected to the community through regular art and music shows where participants are given an opportunity to share their talents with the community both artistically and musically by performing as The Sweet Harmony Band at local Austin, TX venues. 1806 W Stassney, Suite 106 78745 Austin United States Call: (512) 394-5394
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The Austin Harmony Project Nonprofit, Austin, United States

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