Brightest Blessings Non-Profit, Manchester, United States

Brightest Blessings is a small local non-profit in NH. We accept all donations even food gently used items. Thank you for helping us build a strong, caring community here in NH. Making a difference begins with YOU! Brightest Blessings Non-Profit´╗┐ :) We are a small NH based organization that has volunteers collecting gently used clothing and shoes, toys, household items, new health, beauty and food items and other tangible things all year from freecycle, craigslist, yard sales, etc and they clean, repurpose or fix and sort these items to redistribute to help families that are struggling, sometimes temporarily due to lay-offs, illness or injury, disasters, or other hardships but aren't eligible for other help from other places or may have missed deadlines/qualifications(sometimes by a few dollars or hours!) for other programs. We have worked with amazing local companies like The Puritan Backroom, Moe Joes, Dunkin Donuts, Comfort Inn Manchester, Panera, Pizza Hut and many other wonderful local organizations to bring comfort and joy to those who truly need a little extra help. Located in Southern NH for direct benefit of local families in Southern NH, we strive to reach those who "slip through the cracks" and they work very hard to distribute collected items en masse at least once a year, usually in the winter to ensure warmth here in the cold North :) We have delivered anonymous gifts of things like boots, jackets, holiday presents and food to single parents and families who would never ask for help on their own via recommendations from school counselors and other advocates who interact with these families. We have worked with families by request from other charities like Toys for Tots who couldn't assist them. We have collected and created food and essential item baskets and handed them out randomly to homeless folks and others in need in the Manchester area. We have organized collections of emergency supplies for disaster areas and distributed directly to those in need. We strongly believe in making sure the help gets personally distributed into the hands of those who really need it and try to deliver it with a smile and a hug if possible. We are careful to screen applicants with other organizations to ensure that the recipients are not receiving from other generous charities so that they can reach as many as possible with assistance and friendship. We allow families to volunteer together and have had children and adults alike helping and seeing first hand how we *all* can make a difference. It's all about giving back to the community and this small non profit has reached out to over 250 families since we began working out of a basement 6 years ago and NO ONE takes a salary, everything goes directly into the non profit and many of the volunteers have given their money and personal items to fund projects. Every year, the organization get a little bigger and we are now able to help more families with the addition of a trailer to hold collection items, generous donations from other locals who want to help and hopefully soon with a dedicated space to house a new adventure~a thrift store that would offer "free vouchers" so families can shop for their own needed items as well as offer for sale to the public the items that aren't needed to fund giving back. We are thankful for the wonderful community that surrounds us and helps us to assist our fellow neighbors and friends. Making a difference begins with YOU! <3
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Brightest Blessings Non-Profit, Manchester, United States

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