Trinity Oaks 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization, San Antonio, United States

501(c)3 Nonprofit VETERANS: Through adaptive methods veterans can move beyond their disabilities to learn a new skill or experience a hobby they never imaged they’d be able to enjoy again. This is our way of showing appreciation to these heroes. For soldiers who were injured in the line of duty, Trinity Oaks has partnered with various programs to take those valiant men and women on hunting and fishing trips. After the hunt, the animals are mounted for the soldiers and the meat is processed for their families. YOUTH: Hunts with Children Trinity Oaks offers terminally ill and underprivileged children the value of the outdoors through hunting and fishing experiences. We promote and mentor youth about America’s sporting traditions. We want to teach kids that hunting is not just killing animals but about building relationships and enjoying the majestic outdoors. We have found you can really connect with a child and make a difference in their life just by sitting next to a campfire and listening to what they have to say. VENISON: Processing and Distribution Trinity Oaks recently completed the construction of a commercial meat processing facility in San Antonio. We work with ranchers, home owner associations, and individuals to harvest excess game populations. Our volunteers then process, package, and distribute the meat to local churches, homeless programs, and orphanages. Monthly, Trinity Oaks provides about 2,000 lbs of processed meat (equating to 10,000 meals) to hungry people in Texas and northern Mexico. 9385 Miller Ln 78266 San Antonio United States Call: (210) 447-0351
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Trinity Oaks 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization, San Antonio, United States

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"It's nice to see organizations that work to make our society better. Keep up the great work in supporting veterans."