Remember To ThinkPink NonProfit Organization

A nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase awareness of debilitating issues that hinder effective parenting through parent advocacy and support. Remember To ThinkPink Nonprofit Organization was founded 2013. Because of her extensive past with Child Protective Services, she felt it necessary to offer supportive resources to other parents who are currently undergoing a CPS (Child Protective Service) investigation or case. Remember To ThinkPink will offer parenting support groups, helpful literature, assistance with finding resources, and offer support to the parent by attending family court or mediation meetings and act as a liaison between the parent and caseworker. The RTTP (Remember To ThinkPink) Parent Advocacy Program is a voluntary program. RTTP does not provide legal advice or services and is not currently contracted by the State of Texas.
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Remember To ThinkPink NonProfit Organization

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Found: 03.07.2015


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