Kids Non-Profit Organization, Novato, United States

Kids Non-Profit Organization ( is working with the distribution of reflective beads in Africa, reduce injuries and deaths from road accidents during dark evenings among the young population. Every day’s traffic involve more than five billion people worldwide, whether it is on foot, a bicycle, as the driver or passenger, including many children. More than 1000 children and young adults under the age of 25 years are killed in road accidents every day. A large number of these road accidents occur during the evening or dark hours. Children do not have the same ability as adults to judge distances, speed and noise direction of vehicles. Therefore it is important to ensure that children are taught road safety. Our strategy is to give children reflective beads for them to make bracelets or necklaces, and combine it with theoretical education. By combining theoretical education with handwork we reach straight into the heart of these children. If children wear reflective beads in the evening, they will be seen at a five time’s longer distance than without, giving drivers crucial time to stop or swerve around. 448 Ignacio Blvd 94949 Novato United States Call: +1 (415) 868-0159 or +46 8 41042000
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Kids Non-Profit Organization, Novato, United States

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