Arturo Gatti Fight for Justice Non-profit Corporation

Non profit corporation to help with investigation, forensic, legal research pertaining to boxing champion Arturo Gatto Sr. On October 13, 2011, close friends of Arturo Gatti have formed a NJ Non-profit Corporation called ARTURO GATTI FIGHT FOR JUSTICE, Inc. to assist in the investigation, research, forensic, and legal fees in association to his murder. After the fees are met, we would like to continue the work of the Corporation to help others who need help with legal fees, investigations, forensic science, and research pertaining to a loved one’s death that cannot afford the costs related with pursuing an investigation. This particular case has involved three different countries (USA, Canada, Brazil) and the details regarding international law, criminal and civil procedures have complicated the proceedings.
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Arturo Gatti Fight for Justice Non-profit Corporation

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Found: 03.07.2015


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