Forward Family Foundation- Non-Profit Organization, South Hooksett, United States

Forward Family Foundation will help with the betterment of society by working with families and children going through a divorce or loss of a parent. FORWARD FAMILY FOUNDATION Established April 2007 I created this foundation with a purpose. Having become a single Mom myself, when my oldest daughter was just a baby was very difficult and traumatic time in my life! Having to figure out where to go for help in moving “Forward” with my life, on my own with an infant was very scary. Although, I did have a supportive family network, it still didn’t make the transition from a family of three to now just my daughter and me any easier. My whole world was definitely turned upside down! Now, several years later; being on the other side of things, I never imagined how happy and successful I would become! We are now a family of four. I am happily remarried to a wonderful man and we share a beautiful daughter together as well as he loves his step daughter like she was his own. My goal is to give other parents like myself some hope and strength, that there is life after divorce or widowhood. Someone, who can guide a parent to the appropriate resources, much like a parent needing critical care in the ER (trauma). I would like to be there for the initial crisis (short term care), by providing interventional resources such as; lawyers, books, insurance programs, other resources to help your family in this transition, (financial help.* If you qualify, see General Information section*) Any further questions can be addressed at our email, Call: (603) 867-0422
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Forward Family Foundation- Non-Profit Organization, South Hooksett, United States

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