ACODO Non-Profit Organization, Siem Reap

Providing shelter, nutritious food, health care and high-quality education to the orphans and vulnerable children. Today ACODO operates an orphanage in Siem Reap. It has capacity for 64 children. At the orphanage the children learn to become tomorrow’s adults. They learn to be independent, skilful and able to contribute towards society. They live together as a family and learn to support one another. The ACODO orphanage operates from a purpose built single site, on rented land, near the centre of Siem Reap. During 2010 new sleeping accommodation for all the children, washing / toilet facilities and a new kitchen have been built. The age of the children varies from 3 to 19. They are split into two groups. The younger children, who are aged between 3 - 6, are given three hours of English language classes every week day in dedicated classrooms. They are given 24 hours of care for at the ACODO orphanage. All the older children, who are aged between 7 - 19, attend a local government school six days a week where they receive four hours of Khmer studies per day. These lessons are supplemented by English language classes every week day at the ACODO orphanage. The ACODO orphanage accepts orphans, children from extremely poor single parent families and disabled children. Many have experienced powerlessness in the ultimate form. Their lives have been governed by fear. Fear of violence, fear of not having enough food, fear of having no opportunity to improve their lives. Many are former homeless street children who were vulnerable to exploitation from others. ACODO saved them from becoming beggars, prostitutes or criminals. They no longer have to scavenge in the local garbage bin for their next meal. Prior to accepting the children the ACODO staff visit their home or community to access their individual needs and situation. The staff also visit local communities to raise awareness about ACODO. Many of the children have progressed from street kids with no long term goals to children with challenging career desires. Their ambitions vary from being a tour guide, an engineer, a language teacher, an art teacher or doctor. The children have a real thirst for knowledge and are working very hard to achieve their aspirations. ACODO also operates an Indigent Family Support Programme (IFSP). This provides essential support to various communities within Siem Reap Province. These community development programmes enhance awareness of human rights and health care issues such as drug abuse and HIV/AIDS. They advise families about how they can improve their financial situation. The IFSP works in Watsvay Village, Sangkat Salakamrek, Siem Reap Town and Province. The IFSP also provides support to the remote communities and the extended families of the children who live at the ACODO orphanage in Siem Reap. It provides emotional support, practical help (such as seeds and animals) and financial assistance wherever possible to these targeted groups. Call: (855)12919155
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ACODO Non-Profit Organization, Siem Reap

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