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IFOTD attempts to state interesting facts in a concise,interesting and well articulated manner. Source : My daily readings and musings. IFOTD or Interesting Facts of The Day ,was really born in early 2009 containing some 'researched' interesting facts delivered in the form of a mail to a handful of friends. It was discontinued by late 2009.It was restarted in the form of this page in Sept 2012. The source for the core IFOTD posts are my daily readings and musings. Personal opinions of mine,if any,are kept to a bare minimum. Overall Source and Inspiration for IFOTD - There is no real reason behind why a particular subject happens on a particular day - its something I might come across while surfing the WWW. Or it may be something I see or hear and recall facts related to. A marked IFOTD post (for example posts marked IFOTD # XYZ etc),is not something I directly subscribe to off of some website and simply forward/post. For example : There are however interesting forwarded posts or links that are also put up mainly to maintain continuity and interest.
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Interesting Facts of the Day - IFOTD

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