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I help newcomers to the industry of home based businesses be part of the 5% highly successful. I have found some superior companies, tools, and contacts which I want to share with all who are interested. There are far more than what I have listed here, these are just my absolute favorites. I am a student still working on mastery in the business, however, I have been blessed to be taught by some of the best - Chad West, Pete Kowenko, Robert J Banach, JR Jackson, Dale Calvert, Cynthia Breed, Big Al Schreider, Michael Dlouhy, Dani Johnson, Lisa Gilbert - I could go on forever - thanks to all of you for paving the road upon which I so easily walk. Would like to add another inspirational person I just love chatting with - Linda Hutchinson - what a coach. About me - married for 27 years to Helen - an 8th Grade Teacher with the Round Rock ISD, we have a wonderful daughter Allison - 22 - who graduated from Texas State with a BBA (with honors) from Texas State University. 20 years in the Army, then on to Corporate America where I worked for governmental and private organizations for 10 years in the Human Resources Management, Training and Development, Organizational Development, and Quality Management arenas. 10 years ago, I gave up the corp lifestyle and began consulting - helping small businesses with their HR and training needs. Now, I help individuals who don't want the corp lifestyle be successful in the most profitable and rewarding of all endeavors - self employment.
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Make Money from Home

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