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With over 20 yrs. of professional event planner experience and millions of dollars in sales I can help you increase your profits. Make Money Planning Events with one on one Coaching from Carolyn. With over 18 years as an Event Planner Carolyn will share with you her tips and tricks for growing your event planning business and making money. There are so many variables in an Event Planning business that come into play that it can become tricky figuring out the answers to these questions and it can be expensive and exhausting until you do figure it out. With my personal coaching I will share with you my formula for never underestimating time again and how much money to charge. In over 18 years in the business I have NEVER been late starting an event, whether it was for 10 guests or 150 guests. Take the stress out of your Event Planning business and let me help to put you on the right path so that you can focus on the creative side of your business. Get exactly what you need NOW! Answers to your most pressing business questions and advice on how to move forward and grow your profits. Event Planning is a wonderful fun and creative business BUT if you aren't making money or protecting your assets, IT WILL NOT be wonderful and fun for long. WONDERING WHAT YOU SHOULD BE CHARGING FOR YOUR TIME- I will work with you to figure out what you should be charging for your time and how to differentiate your labor fees. You don't need to charge a large hourly fee to make money. PRICING FOR PROFIT- Have you ever felt like you left money on the table? Have you ever finished an event and realized that if you broke your profit down to the amount of hours you worked that you would have made more money working at McDonalds? I will explain to you how and where to increase your profits. HOW TO BECOME A FULL SERVICE PLANNER- I will explain to you how to utilize your talents and expand the list of services you offer to your clients to become a Full Service Event Planner. Full Service Planning offers you more opportunities to increase your profits no matter what size budget you are working with. WARNING SIGNS- Have you ever had a bad feeling once you started working with a client? But weren't sure how to backtrack or walk away from the job? I will explain to you the warning signs and how to protect yourself. BUSINESS PAPERWORK- Have you ever wished you could take a look at contracts or paperwork of other planners to be sure you were protecting yourself and weren't missing something? You can purchase documents that I have customized throughout my 16 years in business that you can use for your business. JUST STARTING OUT- Find out if Event Planning is really for you and if it is learn some tips, tricks and skills so that you are better prepared as you start your Event Planning journey. What I am offering you is the opportunity to learn from all my years of experience as it pertains exactly to you and your situation. The cost of my services can be recouped in your first couple of events or even your first event. Take this opportunity to talk to someone with over 18 years of Event Planning experience you can help you move forward and grow your profits. See my past business here I get the things you are going through. Even though I am not in the event planner business I still own my own creative business, Christmas Specialists and I understand the logistics, creativity and business side of making a profit while still making the client happy.
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Make Money Planning Events

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