Milwaukee Tool UAE, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Nothing But Heavy Duty Milwaukee Power Tools began at the same time as Henry Ford started assembly lines for his famous invention, the T Model FORD. In fact it was Henry who was responsible for our very first tool that itself became a legend. Known as “The Hole Shooter,” aptly named for what it did, this tool was commissioned by Ford as a result of his daily visits to the factories. He noticed that the workers on the line that drilled holes in the metal parts were using cumbersome, heavy and unwieldy drills. Not only was it wearing out employees, but it was also slowing down the other lines. He asked our founder, a chap called Petersen, to design and build a small, lightweight drill with enough “grunt” to replace the existing clunkers. Within months Henry Ford held the compact and powerful Hole Shooter in his hand. He was so delighted that Petersen knew that he was on a winner and Ford’s first orders confirmed it. Milwaukee Tools was born. The power tools were built to the highest U.S. standard of the time, that used by the Navy. World War 2 cemented Milwaukee’s reputation as the wartime factories orders thousands of 'Hole Shooters', grinders, and circular saws. United arab emirates 25663 Sharjah United Arab Emirates Call: +97165330108
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Milwaukee Tool UAE, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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