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WANNA SEND DEMOS? READ OUR DESCRIPTION! BOOKING (Worldwide) Keira Sinclair, AS MUCH AS WE'D LIKE TO WE CANNOT PROCESS ALL DEMOS RECEIVED ANYMORE. We get so much stuff lately that it has become impossible for us to process evrything in a reasonable time frame. So please don't be dissapointed if we dont reply in a timely fashion. Also: - NO DOWNLOAD LINKS like Sendspace, Wetransfer etc. SOUNDCLOUD only. - PLEASE INCLUDE ARTIST NAME IN YOUR DOWNLOAD... "blablaV3.mp3" simply wont do and even if we like it we'll never be able to contact you! - 100% soundlcoud only, and make it downloadable so we can listen offline as well - Please DONT ASK US 5 TIMES if we listened already. This is more stressful than anything else (also for you), and unlikely to result in a release. IF WE LIKE it we will let you know. - Please don't send 20 tracks, but also don't send one. Be reasonable, select 5 or 6 or 7 of the stuff you think is best. - If we don't respond on one platform (aka SOUNDCLOUD) dont send it also to facebook, email and wherever. This really doesn't help anyone, it just make you appear pushy. - If you have friends that are our friends, get an endorsement. I know this sounds lame, but chances are we'll listen to stuff quicker if it comes frm sources we know. That said, we know the hustle and how hard it is to be heard in a world of non stop signals and really appreciate your efforts! so here goes: DEMOS ONLY ON SOUNDCLOUD IN PRIVATE LINKS If you have us download tracks on Soundcloud make sure that the original file has some TAGS in it and an ARTIST NAME since if its only a track title.. Do you REALY THINK we know who made it after downloading it into a deep folder of stuff that says "DEMO ABYSS"???? NOPE, didn't think so So please please, Artist-Title at the very least..
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Creme Organization

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Found: 03.07.2015


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