"Protect me" Organization for Animal Protection in Albania, Vlorë, Albania

Founded in Vlore by Liljana with the mission of saving street animals and changing people's mentality. Funded by Breshani Family. "Protect Me" is an official organization in Vlore, Albania. It is created by Liljana Breshani and it is funded by "Breshani shpk. We have created a shelter for the homeless or abandoned animals. Our plan is to minimize the number of the homeless dogs in a humane way. Also we want to protect the animals. We will capture all of them, neuter them, vaccinate them, create a passaport for them and everybody can adopt them. If they don't find a family they'll have a sign in their ear and they'll be released again. (CNVR/A). We won't stop until every family will have a dog/cat and every dog/cat will have a family. Our journey cannot be completed without the help of everyone, that's why we have created the "Volunteer's meeting". We invite interested people in our shelter and spend some time together with the animals. Sometimes in this meetings we discuss problems,ideas or do little jobs.
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