Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jam Shoro, Pakistan

Established in 1963, ranked as 1st best engineering university of Sindh and fourth best engineering university of Pakistan. ISO 9000 certified university. The Mehran University of Engineering and Technology is known as MUET or Mehran UET in short. It is a public sector University catering to the future engineering professionals' demand of the Sindh province in particular and the country in the broader sense. It was initially established as Sindh University Engineering College of the University of Sindh 1963. Accordingly, the college was first declared as an additional campus of the University of Sindh headed by a Pro-Vice-Chancellor in July 1976 and later upgraded to the level of a full-fledged independent University on 1st March, 1977 through an ordinance issued by the Governor of Sindh. The ordinance was later converted into an Act of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh Province. The new University was named as "Mehran University of Engineering and Technology". In 2004 the Centre of Excellence in Arts & Design was established in the University. In 2009 a constituent college named as 'Mehran University College of Engineering & Technology' has been established at Khairpur (Mir's) to cater the increasing demand of qualified engineers. Later on in 2013 it was upgraded as MUET SZAB Campus. In 2013 HEC ranked, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology as the 4th best engineering degree awarding institution in Pakistan, number one Engineering University of Sindh that attracts a number of students from all around Pakistan and from foreign countries, mostly from South Asia, Middle East and North Africa. The University has a mission to produce high quality engineering graduates with extraordinary skills to fulfill the rising demand of the industry. The university is focusing on establishing stronger linkages with the industry in order to better understand their present and future engineering requirements. As of 2014, it is ranked among the top ten institutions of higher engineering learning in Pakistan by HEC. The University offers undergraduate students, post-graduate research students, and doctoral research in various engineering field. Mehran UET has the honor of being the first public sector University in the country to have successfully obtained the ISO 9000 certification, when accreditation and quality standards certification was seen as unimportant to many higher education institutes. Mehran University of Engineering and Technology is a member of Association of Commonwealth Universities of the United Kingdom. The Education Policy of 1972 provided for up-gradation of the Sindh University Engineering College to the level of a University of Engineering and Technology. Indus Hwy 76062 Jam Shoro Pakistan Call: 022-2771704
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Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jam Shoro, Pakistan

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