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Apple Vacations provides affordable, quality vacations with service you can count on! Dear Apple Vacations Fans and Travel Agents, This is a great place to share fun and unique information with other vacationers and travel enthusiasts. We love to see an open dialogue and the exchange of ideas! Feel free to ask us questions about hotels, resorts, airlines, excursions, and destinations. We are a knowledgeable community; we love feedback, recommendations, experiences, travel tips, and photos! Our fan page is based around sharing your insights, expressing your opinions and sharing information with other vacationers. Remember, we are a family-friendly company so the conversations should be constructive, respectful, and contain language that is appropriate for all groups and ages. Also, please do not to post anything too personal i.e. booking numbers, credit card information, phone numbers, emails addresses, exact travel dates, etc. Some things should remain confidential. Travel Agents, kindly refrain from promoting your specific business. Our community is a place for open discussion and will remain free from solicitation. But most of all, we are so happy you joined us! Love, Apple Vacations Please note: We comply with Facebook's Terms and Conditions and we ask and expect you to do the same. We reserve the right to disallow comments that are offensive or promote or endorse a product or service. Our moderators will do their best to ensure this policy is adhered to fairly and consistently. This may result in comment removal by Apple Vacation’s moderators or Facebook’s own moderators. To ensure that comments are appropriate and not potentially subject to deletion please follow the guidelines above.
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