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Celebrating our 10th year of creating huge savings and magical moments with rentals of Deluxe Disney Vacation Club Villas. No one does it better. Many have saved THOUSANDS of dollars on their Disney vacations and you can too. No Membership is required. We have inventories of rooms located on Disney property at the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Hawaii, South Carolina and the Florida Atlantic coast for rent. Rather than reserve one of these rooms directly through Disney Central Reservations, we have access to the same rooms through members of the Disney Vacation Club at prices that will leave you asking "HOW?". These rooms, classified by Disney as "Deluxe Disney Villas", are all located within the Disney Vacation Club resorts. You DO NOT need to be a member. The reservation will be in your name and you will check in at the regular Disney Resort arrival desk. Similar to a reservation booked through Disney Central Reservations, the room will be assigned to you by the Disney Resort Cast Members on your arrival. You will treated the same as every Disney Resort Guest and you will have access to all of the same amenities and and perks afforded to each and every guest staying at a Disney Resort. The biggest difference is you won't have a room bill to pay when you check out unless you make charges on your room with your Key to the World Card or Magic Band (new Disney feature). Check in any day of the week and stay as little (2 days) or as long (31 days) as you like. It is not necessary to arrive on a weekend and it is not necessary to stay a full week. This is not a timeshare solicitation, no presentations are offered and your information is not shared with anyone outside of the booking member and Disney (of course). More information on our services can be found at
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David's Disney Vacation Club Rentals DVC Rentals

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