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VACATION OKOBOJI!!! Catch up on activities and events going on in the Iowa Great Lakes Area. Planning a vacation - email: to receive a FREE visitors guide! Facebook Posting Rules: We are here to listen and connect with you – but, please use your best judgment when posting in this public forum. Okoboji Tourism Committee (OTC) reserves the right to remove posts at any time, for any reason, but ones that are offensive, threatening, violent in nature or that contain profanity will always be removed immediately. OTC reserves the right to delete or mark as spam any and all comments as necessary. Anyone that posts content that is promotional or commercial in nature and/or not relevant to visitors will also be removed and reported. OTC also has the right to block access to any one from posting to their Facebook Fan Page. If you are looking for more information about the Okoboji Tourism Committee, please visit
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Vacation Okoboji

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