Sundowners Vacation Villas

Santorini inspired vacation villas in the beautiful city of Bolinao Panggasinan. #wowbolinao Sundowners Vacation Villas, a Santorini inspired compound located in the small town of Bolinao Panggasinan. Sundowners has two available villas for rent namely Family Villa and Couple Villa that are perfect for a relaxing vacation by the sea, company team buildings or retreats. The villas are very luxurious and beautifully designed , each has its own balcony, kitchen, grilling area, spacious bedrooms and elegant bathrooms. Sundowners is located on top of a hill, giving you a 360 degree view of the sea. The villas are surrounded by beautiful greenery, giving you a walk in the park feel. Every guest will have access to Sundowner’s infinity pool with jacuzzi and get free use of kayaks and windsurf. Other services include, massage, car rental and boat rental. ---------------------------------------------------------- Bolinao is a very small town in Panggasinan, approximately a 5 hour drive away from Manila. The beaches are untouched and pristine as well as their famous Bolinao waterfalls and caves. Get to experience this beautiful town in the Philippines with Sundowners!
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Sundowners Vacation Villas

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