Cyrus Ryson - Book Series

This is the official page for the "Cyrus Ryson" Book series Cyrus Ryson book series is based on characters that i created back in 2002. Originly i had the first two stories all worked out which was going to be a series that i was going to create back then. But since then i was working on a fan series of doctor who "11th Incarnation" and i brought the shadows in to it. and later Cyrus and cyrus first son was included in to it. during that series two new characters were created which was Michael/ Immortal (Created by Michael Vale and adapted on over the years by my self Ryan) and time girl which was created by me and Kelly Barber which became Michael rysons mum. They have now be included in to the cyrus Ryson book series. And stories that were sort of told in the 11th incarnation will be told better with in future books after the first two books. I am hoping to one day make these books in to films with new people playing the roles some time in the near future.
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Cyrus Ryson - Book Series

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