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Bagong Aurora Website ng Bayan Published daily online by the Editorial staff at #273 Gloria St., Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora. THE BIRTH OF BAGONG AURORA WEBSITE NG BAYAN Aurora is famous for its breath-taking beaches, big undulating waves, sceneries and warm, awe-inspiring and beautiful people. Its flourishing tourism industry is a living testament to the innate hospitality and grace of its leaders who have shown resiliency over time, in spite of past calamities and disasters that buffeted its shores. Tucked in Sierra Madre’s and the Pacific Ocean’s bosom, Aurora remains a hidden paradise to many. It is this sense of the unknown that the brains behind the Bagong Aurora website ng bayan decided to open it to the outside world in its own small ways through relevant, informative and timely bits of news and articles in the free marketplace of ideas. There’s a sense of patriotic fervor (the Aurora kind) in this endeavor, one that burns within the minds, hearts, souls and collective wisdom of former President Quezon’s hometown Baler and the province of Aurora named after his wife, Dona Aurora. This website is a forum for promoting the province as a tourism and investments haven, not destroy it. Our message is loud and clear, reverberating in every nook and cranny of Aurora. That is, Bagong Aurora refers to a new Aurora, not the Aurora of the past known as the training ground of the communist New People’s Army, of bad roads, poverty and a place in the record books as one of the 20 poorest provinces in the country. But rather, a modern-day Aurora moving fast-forward to economic prosperity whose dark past was wiped out by the tsunami that rocked and rolled – then engulfed – its old township in 1735. And so, our mission is to elevate information to the highest level possible, not engage in petty fault-finding and mudslinging. In pursuit of truth, it’s a single-minded quest and we will not let up until we have accomplished our mission. As website ng bayan, we are open to comments, opinions and suggestions. Random online surveys are also most welcome so we can feel the pulse of the citizenry. Katuwaan lang siguro (for the fun of it) or simply, to directly connect with you, fellow Aurorans. To critics of this people’s website, we welcome your criticisms, particularly the constructive ones. We have always maintained that as humans, we are entitled to errors and bloopers, particularly honest mistakes. As for detractors, we realize you are always part and parcel of a healthy democracy. However, it is our fervent wish that when you criticize and find fault, that you present alternative solutions. For in this world of egotistic, self-righteous and opinionated charlatans, it is always easiest to talk about other’s shortcomings while turning a blind eye on yourself. It is often said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Join us as we take you to a journey of discovery about the beauty of our province and collectively, let us all be ambassadors of goodwill of Aurora’s grandeur and majesty. Mabuhay tayong lahat! (Bagong Aurora Website ng Bayan News Team)
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Bagong Aurora Website ng Bayan

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