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My name is Amiela Razzaq. I'm 28 yrs of age. Makeup is my passion My name is Amiela Razzaq. I'm 29 yrs of age. I've loved makeup ever since I knew myself, but wasn't into it as much as I am now. The person that made me fall so much more in love with makeup and made it become my passion is Ms Arlene villarule. She showed me things that can be done with makeup that I never thought was possible. I have been doing makeup professionally for the past year. I think one of the reason that makes me love makeup so much is the confidence it gives women, when I'm finished doing there makeup their whole attitude and the way they look and feel about themselves means everything to me it makes my job worthwhile. Knowing that I'm part of the reason they feel this way. It's also an honor that they choose me to do their makeup either for their wedding or any big event in their lives it's a great feeling to know I did something to make their day extra special. I do all types of makeup i do Bridal,Beauty,Carnival and Dramatic Makeup. Makeup is my passion i always put my all into what i love
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Makeup By Pinky

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