Fringe Photography, Pretoria, South Africa

Based in Pretoria, South Africa, we try to focus on art with a difference. Our main interest lies mostly in dark, emotive and somewhat surreal work. Fringe Photography was born out of the passion for photography of Pretoria husband and wife team, Bothma and Liz van Tonder. As the name Fringe Photography implies, we particularly enjoy focusing on unusual subjects, people and situations, trying to capture different reflections and echoes of reality as we perceive it in our minds and through our cameras. We only do photography as an art form, hobby and creative outlet, and therefore we aren't available for any commercial work. 15 Willows Lofts, 6 Bee Bee Street, The Willows 0041 Pretoria South Africa Call: 0833256036
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Fringe Photography, Pretoria, South Africa

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