Henna By Pramila, Mississauga, Canada

Henna by Pramila is operated by a Henna artist named Pramila Aggarwal. Specialising in henna body art, making you look beautiful on any special occasion. Henna by Pramila is operated by a Henna artist named Pramila Aggarwal. Pramila has spent her entire life loving Art. She took her love and passion for Art and used it to learn how to apply Henna. Pramila applies Henna freehand and has a collection of designs that will meet most of the demands for Henna art. With her diverse artistic background she can also customize designs to the customer’s specifications. Pramila has experience applying Henna art for any special occasion (i.e. Diwali, Eid, Weddings, Henna parties etc.) The art of henna has been applied and practiced for over 5,000 years in Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East. Henna is the application of the paste made out of crushed leaves of henna plant. The paste contains all natural ingredients like ground henna leaves, lemon juice, sugar and essential oils. After the paste is applied on the skin it needs to be left for a few hours so that an orange to dark maroon stain of the design will be present. The paste applied is very safe and will fade away in 7 to 14 days. Henna is applied and used for many reasons including: self-expression; celebration of special occasions like weddings, holidays & birthdays; inspiration; reminders; beauty; cosmetic treatments; medicinal uses; blessings and well-being. Enfield pl L5B 3Y7 Mississauga Canada
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Henna By Pramila, Mississauga, Canada

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