DJ Jarak: Visual Artist

Internationally published photographer, visual artist, designer and the Editor-in-Chief of Strange Beauty Magazine. Now taking on new clients. ✔The best and more reliable ways to reach me are e-mail at or Facebook at I check my messages every few minutes. I receive many, so it might be a day before you hear from me in some cases. ✔I will work for anyone with the exception of those who wish me to take part in projects involving vulgar “adult entertainment” visuals and hate groups. ✔I have no particular style by default. I’m open to anything from emotionless professional portraits to wild surrealism and blood chilling fantasy/horror. I am an uber-geek, so I love the sci-fi stuff too. ✔I will allow escorts, but please, keep it under three (3) not including yourself. If you arrive with more people than I’m prepared to deal with, it could be a problem. ✔If you require a creative team (make-up, hair, etc.) that can be provided, but it will cost extra. Those I work with are fellow freelancers and work for themselves. ✔While working as a freelance photographer, artist and designer, I’m also the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Designer of Strange Beauty Magazine. If we are in need of creative talents for an upcoming editorial, we may contact you. We are a non-profit publication, so payment would most likely be impossible. If you reject the offer, your response will be respected. ✘No flakes. If you book a shoot or meeting with me, I will expect you to arrive no earlier or later than 15 minutes. If you think you might be late, contact me ASAP. ✘Do not contact me asking for paid work. I am an experienced professional and have paid my dues. If you wish to work with me, my rates are far lower than they should be and I am flexible. Any such requests will be ignored. I may pay models from time to time, but only when they can add to the quality of my portfolio or I have been asked to pub a team together for a project. I do often befriend those I work with and may be flexible on what I charge them, but please don't expect it. Just be glad when it happens. _____________________________________________ THE PAYMENT PROCESS A non-refundable deposit of fifty percent (50%) US of your total cost will be required before I book our session. This is not negotiable. You can pay via PayPal or in person. Cash only. No checks. This assures that I won’t be at a loss if you choose to not show up. After you have approved the processed marked photos and pay the remaining 50%, you will receive your full size photos within 24-48 hours via e-mail. They will be print size so you may print them at your leisure. I suggest Vista Print for the best results and price. _____________________________________________ ASSOCIATIONS Strange Beauty Magazine (Editor-in-Chief), Cryoflesh (Promotional Affiliate) LIVE PHOTO SESSIONS (Incomplete List) Joseph Michael aka DJ DaVita, Jessica Jean (Blacklisted for deframation, slander, and harassment), Amanda Funderburg, Jean Jitomir PhD, RD, Meg “Bunny” Klein, Illa Pryor-Martino, Lamont Bellsarios, Carmina Suzanne, Amy Lee Reusch, Ted Sandilands, Samuel Naylon, Jermaine Rose, Amelia Favata, Tiger Martina, Audra Taylor, Honey Minor, Holly Brown, Jess Wilson, Leah Divine, Erika Frase, Ariel Alfaro, Leo Chan, Ayria, Anatomy, Leo Chan, Star Leigh, ShutterKat, Grace Modi, Scarlet Noir, Joseph Mast, Cat Hedlund, Mikey Bauer, Danielle Star, Precious Star, Arlynn Knauff, Nicole Brown, Nikki DiNardo, Rebecca Rose, Tiana Dunham, Robert J. Deak, Angela Gaugler, Project Pitchfork, Sherry Stang Girl, Jennifer Stergion, Ava Sammarco RN, Deadly Nightshade, Guy William Gane III, Katherine Fava-Bailey, Brandon Machajewski, The Rabies (Blacklisted for copyright violations), Frank Anthony Williams Jr., Rhae “Strong DNA” Hodges, Rachael Baltes, LaToya Reid, Jennifer Ciocca, Perry Davis Jr. Julia Jaworski, Lilith Rose, Natalie Hope, Alexander Dunn, Rae Rae, Eleasha Nawrocki, LaVi C'est LaVey, Courtney Dressler, Bridget O'Brien, Paul Athoe, Jaime Gerardi aka Digital Enigma, ART & DESIGN (Incomplete List) Speedy Enterprise Productions (Blacklisted for personal theft criminal acts of which he was legally charged), Joseph Michael aka DJ DaVita, Elevated Audio Productions, Chris Ocean Photography, Mark Callen Photography, ShutterKat Photography, Gimmick Label Portraits, Monopolus Productions, Celeste Bonin/Kaitlyn, Reflection of Reality, Jordan Warner Films, Integration Events (Blacklisted for copyright violation, deframation, and slander), Freedom Services, Blacklite Bonnie, Sarah Bäckman, Katia Callegari (Blacklisted for breach of contract), Enphinitee Inc, Klipster Films, Sarah Dunlap, Juno Reactor, Jamie Eason, Mandy Blank, Mindcleaner, David Bollt, Chris Mars, Lelia-Rose, Joan V, Mosh, Julian Bane, DJ Darkwave, Jaime Koeppe, House of Boro, Perish Dignam, Jesse Marunde, Colette Nelson, Convergence 18, Refresh the Page, "Brandi Mae" Akers, Kortney “KO” Olson, SBE Entertainment, Adrienne Wilkinson, Miss Ratchel’s Stitches, Von Gutenberg Magazine, Strange Beauty Magazine, Gorgeous Freaks Magazine, SykoMindz Entertainment/Magazine (Blacklisted for multiple counts of copyright infringement and an attempted hostel takeover) MAKE-UP ARTISTS (Incomplete List) Lauren-Ashley Schindlbeck, Jodie McGuire, Jessica Jean (Blacklisted for defamation, slander, and harassment), Mallory Stoos, Sammi Shearing, Charlene Gammiero, Cindy Collins, Crystal Collins, Mehgan White PUBLISHED BY (Incomplete List) Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, Culture Asylum Magazine, Dark Parlour Magazine, Freque Magazine, Artvoice, LA Weekly, Surreal Beauty Magazine, Von Gutenberg Magazine, Strange Beauty Magazine, Gorgeous Freaks Magazine, Obscure Magazine
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DJ Jarak: Visual Artist

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