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KASHA SINGER AND SONGWRITER IAMKASHA .US Singer Kasha Gets Nomination for 2014 International Music Entertainment Association (IMEA) Awards Singer and songwriter, Kasha has been nominated for 2014 International Music Entertainment Association (IMEA) Awards in two different categories, after the success of her ‘Hero’ and ‘I Want You’, her two chartbuster soundtracks. The first category for which she was selected is R&B Soul Artist of the Year. Kasha has put her Overall Hard work in to being, in a Very Great Situation. The eyes are watching her climb that Maintain Top. Kasha Continues to Communicate With her Fan’s . They Are Very Valuable To Her. CNN is writing a press release about kasha’s Continue Success. Kasha has also been nominated for R&B Soul Song of the Year for her super hit number, 'I Want You'. Other songs competing in this category are ‘Why’ from Tamika Dunning, ‘Collide’ by Daniel Peter, ‘What About Us’ by EFINXACE and ‘Cryin, Cryin, Cryin’ by Rusty Yates Band. These are best selling R&B tracks of this session so far. Both the categories that Kasha has been nominated for are newly introduced by the IMEA Inc. This year, the IMEA Awards will be presented in 80 different music and theater categories. This is the first time Kasha is selected for any award and seems quite confident to succeed in either or both the categories. Kasha Single ‘I Want You’, which Hit The Top National Chart At Number 1. That’s not all. The music video for this song received one million plus YouTube hits within a month. Kasha’s second biggest hit, ‘Hero’ was released earlier this year and got listed in the Top 50 Worldwide National Charts. It remained on many other charts for almost six consecutive months. Kasha is still an unsigned celebrity even after having millions of fans. The young star was also titled as the Best Unsigned Artist for the month of September 2013 by Start Magazine. The second annual IMEA Awards event is scheduled to be held on October 04, 2014 at Paramount Arts Center Ashland, Kentucky. These awards are aimed to recognize and honor the best of independent entertainment, music, and theater; presented by the International Music and Entertainment Association. Online Ballot will remain open till August 27 on IMEA official website, where fans can log in and vote for their favorite artists in all categories. For more information, please follow us on twitter:
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Kasha Today's  Artist

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