Blackbourn Racing Components, Shullsburg, United States

Engine performance machine/Fab shop, with 5 axis c.n.c. capabilities. In-house cad-cam to ensure quality design work, and efficient production. Autometer Data Acuisition & Msd dealer. Specializing in engineering turn key alcohol or diesel pulling tractors. We also offer other performance services,componets, and systems using the latest technologies such as : Billet Cylinder Heads--Inner Cooler Systems--Turbo Charger Systems--Rolling chassis--Intake Manifolds--Exhaust Manifolds--Billet waste gates--Counter Balanced Crankshafts--Billet Crankshafts--Steel Or Aluminum Connecting Rods--Rocker Arms-- Rocker Arm Assemblies--Billet blocks--Billet Front And Back Cover Plates--billet oil pans-- Billet camshafts & Custom Grinds--Water Injection Systems--Custom Stainless Fuel Tanks--billet Hood/Skin Fasteners--Custom Ignition Systems--Block Girdles--Throttle bodies--High boost capacity floating plumbing couplers--Billet starter housings--Fuel/Oil Pumps--Billet Cam Pulleys--Billet timming gears-- Block Boring--Billet starter gear--Billet Drawbar-- And all other types of custom machining. 420 Hillside Ct 53586 Shullsburg United States Call: Terry (608)574-2173 Josh(608)482-2791
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Blackbourn Racing Components, Shullsburg, United States

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