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Frequently off-topic, often NSFW, and always authentic — three guys telling you what does and doesn’t work for them, so it CAN WORK FOR YOU! Frequently off-topic, often NSFW, and always authentic, SPP is three guys telling you what does and doesn’t work for them ... so that it CAN WORK FOR YOU! We're the highest-rated indie publishing podcast on iTunes and the authors of Write. Publish. Repeat: The No-Luck Guide to Self-Publishing Success — our 2013 bestseller that explains how we published 1.5 million words in a year and built full-time careers as fiction writers. Write. Publish. Repeat. spent a bunch of time in Amazon's top 100, hit #1 in a half-dozen categories including marketing, writing and publishing, business, and so on. But what mattered most to us was our readers' reaction. People told us that we'd eliminated the mystery and sense of luck that surrounds the notion of publishing for a living, which is exactly what we do on the Self-Publishing Podcast every single week, along with our share (and probably yours) of inappropriate jokes. Most of our time isn't spent podcasting, or talking about publishing. We practice what we preach, which means our main job is writing fiction. Sean and Dave, through their Collective Inkwell imprint, are the authors of the popular Yesterday's Gone series, Whitespace, and several other horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy titles (including two traditionally published by Amazon's 47North). Johnny wrote the Fat Vampire series on his own, then teamed with Sean to form Realm & Sands — the genre-defying imprint behind The Beam, Unicorn Western, Robot Proletariat, the LOL comedies, and many more. All three write for children under the joint pen name Guy Incognito ... and, on the far opposite side of the spectrum, manage the unofficial 4th member of the family: erotica author Lexi Maxxwell. Sean and Johnny even have two (uncredited) collaborative projects with Lexi: the laugh-out-loud sitcom Adult Video and the sci-fi series set in the world of the Realm & Sands serial The Beam: The Future of Sex. We record new episodes of SPP live at 2pm EST on YouTube and publish them on the podcast feed the following Thursday. We learn something new as we work in the self-publishing trenches every week ... and if you listen to SPP, we'll start hearing everything you wish you'd known sooner.
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Self-Publishing Podcast

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