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Don't just make comics, Elevate comics! Learn to make & monetize your creator-owned comics & graphic novels with Disney Character Designer Chris Oatley & IDW Comics Creator Lora Innes. How do I make a living from my own ideas? For most visual storytellers, and creative people of all kinds, this is the question of the century. The Paper Wings Team is pursuing answers to this question by covering relevant topics such as: How to craft beautiful and engaging visual stories. How to get attention from big studios & publishers with an independent project. How to grow an audience through technology and social media. How to run a small, creative business legally and profitably. How to make the most of your limited time and energy. Visual storytellers have unprecedented opportunities to connect directly to audience, to circumvent traditional distribution methods and to create high quality images on a budget. The Paper Wings Podcast is here to help you reach new creative heights and experience unprecedented success with your own ideas! updates at 12:01 am pacific time, EVERY Monday.
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Paper Wings Podcast

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