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We will teach you to learn Spanish easily and quickly using our Effortless Spanish learning system. What will I learn in Our intention is to teach you Spanish with an easy and natural method. We want you to speak Spanish automatically and without the need of thinking what you have to say. The Spanish we use on our website and podcast are called Castilian. There are many variations of Spanish, but one of them, Castilian, it’s considered the purest form of Spanish language. The Castilian dialect is the most widely used in Spain. In Latin America people speak other dialects of Spanish depending on the country. Actually, this is not very important because all Spanish speakers can communicate without problem. People whose mother tongue is English, for example, know how to distinguish the pronunciation of a person born in the UK and a person born in the United States. It is the same case with Spanish speakers: we can immediately recognize a person from Argentina, Mexico or Spain. Can I use this method and other learning methods at the same time? If you are a complete beginner, it will be imperative. We recommend you to do a traditional course in which you learn basic grammar and basic vocabulary. Once you have some knowledge of Spanish, it will depend on what do you want to learn: If you need to learn the academic language or philology, you can continue doing traditional courses and use our method to improve your listening comprehension, pronunciation and fluency. If you need to learn the language because you like it and you want to use it personally, you can use only our method or use other similar podcasts. You’ll get faster results and if you want to study the language in an academic way, you’ll understand everything quickly. If you can understand our podcast, our audio files or you are able to understand this text, you already have a good level of Spanish. Even if you have a good reading, you may need to improve your speaking fluency. We recommend you to subscribe to our podcast to help you to improve your Spanish quickly and easyly.
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Spanish Podcast

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