Labour Party Woking, Woking, United Kingdom

A national defeat for Labour in the 2015 General Election, but we're still here in Woking! Get involved now and help us prepare for victory in 2020. In his acceptance speech, Ed said "a new generation has taken charge of Labour. It’s a new generation that understands the need for change—in our party and in our country." Ed added in his first leader's speech three days later that Labour under his leadership will be devoted to making Britain "more prosperous, more equal, more fair and just". Do you feel the same way we do about the kind of Britain you want to live in? A Britain where there is a first-class health service free at the point of use; where education is always a priority; and where you and your family are treated equally and can feel safe and secure. Join us and be part of our journey. Maybe you already vote Labour at election time? Maybe you have thought about joining but not actually done it? Maybe you think you are too young, too old or too busy? Maybe it's because nobody has asked you. We're asking you now. Join us and help shape our country's future. Owen House, Heathside Crescent GU22 7AG Woking United Kingdom
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Labour Party Woking, Woking, United Kingdom

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