The Road Show Local Musician Showcase at Bandido Restaurante, Albuquerque, United States

We're musicians who appreciate and encourage other musicians by creating a forum where new songs and ideas can be explored and constructively critiqued We're doing our best to become known as a musician's venue...and even with only a few short weeks under our belt, thus far we are succeeding. We have an excellent house sound system that includes high-end and well mixed monitors for the performer's listening in addition to quality house sound that is loud and clear but doesn't inhibit casual conversation amongst the audience. Musicians who feel like they sound good naturally play better...that has been a consistent goal of our venue in order to attract and maintain both emerging and established high-end talent. We proudly boast a solid roster of regular performers. Sky Meets Ocean (Gabe, Andrew and Walker), Montana, Wyatt, Edgar, Robert Copeland and several others are frequently featured but come to play even when they aren't in the spotlight. Our intention from the beginning is to have an open mic that encourages less-experienced musicians but is loaded with invited, talented and high-end talent. Also, we frequently have several musicians performing at once. It is not uncommon to have two guitars, bass and a drum set with three vocalists playing songs for your listening pleasure. Jon Lee has Taylor Guitars (two 414ce Venetian cutaway and a 214ce dreadnaught) and an Ibanez bass available for the careful and experienced musician to use (and of course you're welcome to bring your own instrument). Montana can be talked into using his 214ce Venetian cutaway if you're a respectful and experienced musician. Walker's drums are not available for public use, but we do have a talented percussionist ("Looney Loco" Lopez) that is usually around that is more than happy to play with you. Whether you're a performer that is looking for a great venue to try out new stuff or you just appreciate good live music, Monday night's at Bandido Restaurante is the place to be. A little more about our unique format: We're looking for musicians who would like to network with other musicians and get solid and respectful feedback. We strive to also be an interesting place for live music consumers to come and watch high-end local talent! The Format: 1. This is going to be a hybrid open mic format...we will have a few guests pre-scheduled and a "featured artist spotlight" every week. 2. Most importantly, we want to have a vehicle that helps local up-and-coming artists have a place where they can build a live-audience can't do that on Facebook, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc. Not everyone that follows you on the on-line sites actually goes out and watches live music, so it's important to tap into that crowd directly... 3. As an artist builds a following, we want to help local talented artists demonstrate to potential employers what they can do for a venue to boost the receipts of an establishment. It's this simple...if the artist can make money for the establishment, why wouldn't an entrepreneur hire them? An establishment can't and won't pay for live music unless it contributes to the profit margin. We hope to let artists use this as a vehicle to demonstrate the ability to draw crowds as a sales tool for the artist to get other gigs... We thank El Bandido for the opportunity to do this in a very convenient location and a great venue with a great vibe. To show our gratitude and preserve this opportunity, it's important that this is valuable to the restaurant, so come eat and have a beer or margarita (spend a few bucks...nothing extravagant...the "LOBOS MENU" (appetizers and lighter meals) is reasonably priced and the food and drinks are tasty). 2128 Central Ave SE 87106 Albuquerque United States Call: (505) 917-0658
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The Road Show Local Musician Showcase at Bandido Restaurante, Albuquerque, United States

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