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MAPc - Motivation and Awareness Program for Community

To mobilize community support, organize relief efforts and to increase awareness of the poverty in Pakistan. The Motivation and Awareness Program for Community (MAPc) is a non-governmental organization based in Pakistan. The MAPc organization was established to organize relief efforts and to increase awareness of the devastating effects resulting from the 2010 flood in Pakistan, which had left more than 23 million people completely vulnerable to the aftermath of this disaster. Since then a team of responsible Pakistani citizens have offered community support initiatives and provided effective leadership in the struggle to overcome hunger, poverty, and disease. The organization was officially registered in January 2011 and has continued to expand its objectives to providing healthcare, clothes, household supplies, tents, and food supplies. The MAPc has officially announced having organized close 25 camps in March 2011, and promises to continue making a difference in Pakistan. Recently, MAPc has broadened its objectives to not only provide support to flood victims, but to individuals and families that are in need all across the country. Such initiatives include organizing dowry’s for young women from families that suffer from poverty, and providing medical camps in remote villages. The organization consists of 7 board members, and over fifty active members which operate across Pakistan. Members also include several overseas Pakistani’s residing in Canada. The MAPc is always welcoming new members who share the enthusiasm to help overcome poverty in Pakistan, especially to rebuild the communities that were dramatically effected by recent natural disasters. The organization welcomes new volunteers and urges you to get involved by actively making donations to help support its cause. Donations of all kinds are appreciated which includes: cash, clothing, non perishable food supplies, household supplies, etc. For more information on how to get involved please contact Mr. Umaid Khan at 00923336635553 and Huma Zareen at 0334 909 0916. Call: 00923336635553
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MAPc - Motivation and Awareness Program for Community

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