Samuel Adams (Arkansas politician)

Samuel Adams was an American politician and third governor of Arkansas.BiographyAdams was born in Halifax County, Virginia. Adams was self-taught and moved to Arkansas in 1835, where he became a planter and was active in Arkansas politics.CareerAdams was a Democrat, and was elected to the Arkansas Senate in 1840. He was reelected and served as president of the Senate during his second term.On April 29, 1844, Governor Archibald Yell resigned from his office to run for the United States House of Representatives. Adams, who was president of the Arkansas Senate at that time, became Acting Governor of Arkansas and served until November 5, 1844. During his short term he focused on internal improvements and education, and left a surplus in the state treasury when he left office.In 1846, Adams was elected to the office of State Treasurer and served in that position until his death.Death and legacySamuel Adams died in Saline County, Arkansas. Adams is buried in the historic Mount Holly Cemetery in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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Samuel Adams (Arkansas politician)

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