Mike Jacobs (Illinois politician)

Mike Jacobs is a Democratic member of the Illinois Senate, representing the 36th District since he was appointed in 2005. The 36th district, located in Western Illinois, includes all or parts of East Moline, Moline, Rock Island, Rock Falls and Sterling.Political careerFollowing a 2007 meeting with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, meant to convince Jacobs to vote for Blagojevich's health insurance proposals, Jacobs told reporters that the Governor "blew up at him like a 10-year-old child", acted as if he might hit Jacobs, screamed obscenities at him and threatened to ruin his political career if Jacobs didn't vote for the bill. Jacobs said if Blagojevich had talked to him like that at a tavern, "I would have kicked his tail end." Blagojevich would not comment on the alleged incident. Jacobs was presented with a pair of boxing gloves after returning to the Senate. Mike Jacobs will be succeeded by Republican Neil Anderson.On May 31, 2011, Jacobs was accused by Republican state Sen. Kyle McCarter of punching him after a debate over an electricity rate increase, a claim he denied by saying in a televised interview that "the senator was full of shit" and "someone who couldn't even really polish my shoes". McCarter had noted that Jacobs' father was a registered lobbyist for the utility, but Jacobs' response was that "one thing he would not allow to happen would be for anyone to question my integrity". Jacobs also said this information had been fully disclosed, his constituents were aware of it, "and they would make a decision based on that". It was reported that McCarter filed a police statement over the incident.
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Mike Jacobs (Illinois politician)

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