Song, Sarawak, Song, Malaysia

Song is a town, and the capital of the Song District in Kapit Division, Sarawak, east Malaysia. The district population was 20,046. Song is situated by the banks of the Katibas River, a tributary of the Rajang River. The Iban people form the majority in Song, followed by the Orang Ulu, Chinese, Malay, Melanau and Bidayuh. It is an important stopover for river traffic going up the Rajang River.Song at a glance before 1963The town located on the Song River was originally a Malay trading port. "Abang" (patrician of Sarawak Malay) is a well-known figure Hj. Ahmed b. Hj. Omar and Melanau where they exchanged their forest products such as Nyatoh, resin and rattan in 1820s with local Iban people in Song. The Iban indigenous people inhabited the area along the Rejang River, Katibas River, Song River, Lajan River, and Iran River.The traders brought products to Sibau (Sibu) to sell, where there were ships, such as the Ang Bee from Singapore and the Kampar from Peninsular Malaysia. These ships stopped at Sibau before bringing goods to Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia at that time. Similarly, the trader brought essential households items like salt, apong Sugar, salted fish, platter bowls, pottery, clothing, gongs, fabric and clothing to be used as exchange with the local traders. Call: <>
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Song, Sarawak, Song, Malaysia

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