Armed Police Force, Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Paramilitary Force Welcome to the official Facebook page of APF (Armed Police Force, Nepal - सशस्त्र प्रहरी बल - नेपाल ). Share your comments, feedbacks and queries. Visit website The acts of terrorism and associated trend of organized crimes seemed escalating within the kingdom and in response to cope the situation with the then His Majesty's Government of Nepal felt need for an elite force. As such, the consequence on the recommendations made thereby the Armed Police Force Establishment Suggestion Task Force, Armed Police Force was founded on the 24th of October 2001. Late Krishna Mohan Shrestha from Nepal Police then Additional Inspector General of Police being promoted to Inspector General of Armed Police Force was the first Chief and the Founding Father of the force. Call: 1114
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Armed Police Force, Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal

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