Good Government Organizations

The United States has a history of citizen, nonprofit, and other non-partisan groups advocating good government that reaches back to the late 19th century municipal-level Progressive Movement and the development of governmental professional associations in the early part of the 20th century, such as the American Public Human Services Association and the International City/County Management Association. Many of these groups had their genesis at the Public Administration Center at 1313 East 60th Street, at the University of Chicago.Today, a wide range of non-partisan good government groups are committed to improving management at all levels of government. These are a mix of professional associations, advocacy groups, foundations, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Some focus on improvements in the different levels of government, such as the federal government; some focus on specific geographic areas, such as an individual city or region; and some focus on specific professional arenas, such as financial management or transparency in government.Federal Good Government OrganizationsThere are at least two dozen organizations that focus on management improvement at the federal level:Government Performance Coalition. The Coalition comprises nearly two dozen organizations. Formed in 1999, the Coalition meets regularly in Washington, DC to serve as a clearinghouse for its individual members’ respective agendas regarding government management improvement. During presidential election years, the Coalition sponsors events to highlight the importance of good government management issues in the campaign and to prepare materials that would be helpful to the winning candidate’s incoming political appointees.
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Good Government Organizations

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