Nepalese Non-Government Organizations in Hong Kong

Nepalese non-government organizations in Hong Kong consist of all the community-based non-government organizations (NGOs) set up to assist the Nepalese ethnic minority communities living in Hong Kong. The NGOs work with the communities to meet various needs: social care, education, sports, music, and so on. These NGOs were established or founded by various ethnic groups ranging from Chinese to Nepalese themselves. Some of them have their own communicating channels within the community or even to their fellow countrymen outside. Most NGOs are periodically active. A few NGO groups operate continuously and are active in different levels.NGOs serving Nepalese in Hong Kong can be mainly categorized into two types: either founded by Hong Kong Nepalese or Hong Kong Chinese. Some NGOs, of which organizers are hardly traceable, are categorized as “others”.Some Nepalese NGOs organized purely by Nepalese, like the Hong Kong Integrated Nepalese Society, focuses on providing services and aid for Nepalese in Hong Kong.The NGOs organized largely by Chinese serve various ethnic minorities including Nepalese, such as Southern Democratic Alliance, Christian Action (Integrated Service Centre for Ethnic Minorities) and the Hong Kong Christian Service. Southern Democratic Alliance aims at uniting South Asians and Hong Kong people together. It demands stronger anti-discrimination laws and tries to satisfy the desires of South Asians, especially Nepalese. Christian Actions has been serving the ethnic minorities since 2003, especially those in Yau Tsim Mong and Kwun Tong.Apart from the above, some NGOs categorized as “others” are difficult to trace but fragmented records can be found in different documents or media. It is arduous to reach their chairmen or members to prove their visibility. Hong Kong Tamang Ghedung ( Association ), Lamjung Sewa Samiti, Hong Kong, Miteri Service Committee, Hong Kong and Hong Kong Terhathum Forum are some examples.
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Nepalese Non-Government Organizations in Hong Kong

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