Appointment holder in government organizations of Pakistan

Appointment holder in government organizations of Pakistan refers to all those serving officials, whose services are accredited to the state and federal governments of Pakistan. Their recruitment and appointment in respective services are carried out as the constitutional dictates. No distinction based on gender, ethnic, racial and sectarian factors is carried out in appointment and selection of appointees. Vacancies with in each establishment for employment of official staff is legally sanctioned by the legislators and decision making bodies. All Organs of state are organized in hierarchical order and officials serving therein are categorized in various fields as per the tech expertise entailed by each official post.Pay scales of employeesResponsibilities and tasks carried by each official position vary with type of organizations, where appointees are working in. Thus, various pay scales are laid in accordance with the nature of job and to keep competitive environment alive. Each type of pay scale may vary with regards to amount paid to each official along with perks and privileges. But equivalence criteria with in various types of pay scale has also been laid, as stipulated in undermentioned table. Prof. M. Shahzad
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Appointment holder in government organizations of Pakistan

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