The Chemicals Between Us

"The Chemicals Between Us" is a song by alternative band Bush from their third album The Science of Things. The song was featured in the TV series Charmed.Lyrics and styleGavin Rossdale commented on what the song was about:"It’s all about the differences and distances between people"The song is unique among most other singles by the band due to its numerous electronic elements as well as an almost dancey percussion. However, it also bears a prominent rock guitar riff throughout, making it akin to the electronica genre of music.Music videoThe song's music video, which was filmed in late August 1999 in Los Angeles, was played predominantly on the music channels, MTV, MTV2, and VH1.Gavin Rossdale on the video:"Thinking about it, the most extravagant thing was my last video - that was fucking extravagant. I think the next video I do I'm just going to get a pile of money and burn it, KLF style. I might as well just cut to the chase."The music video begins with Bush performing in an alley with a white monolith beside them, then Rossdale comes inside the monolith in a white background surrounded by a Japanese-inspired island. Later, the scene becomes interspersed with Rossdale doing karate blindfolded and Pursons doing martial arts as well. The video ends with the band entering the monolith.
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The Chemicals Between Us

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