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Miraculous power of Maha Kali Dear All, The Chief Trustee of Sri Maha Kaliamman Thirukovil temple and members of the Temple Restoration Society are proud to invite everyone, the second time around, after successful renovation and expansion of the Hindu Temple, to attend the special Maha Kumbabeshekam to be held on June 4th to June 10th 2012. Pooja and function times will be updated shortly. Venue: The Sri Maha Kaliamman Thirukovil (also renowned as Paradise Place Temple), dedicated to Goddess Kali is situated at No. 59 Paradise Place, (Armour Street), Colombo 12, Sri Lanka. Location history: During the rule of the Britishers in Sri Lanka in the 19th century, they named this area as Paradise Place, which, in fact, was considered by the people of the area as a heaven and a place of paradise on account of three important trees namely Palmyrah, Bo-Tree and Margosa which grew closely together. This made them to realise that there was indeed a divine power pervading in this area. Infrastructure: On 10th February 1993 with the tremendous support of Bramasri Swami Visvantha Kurukal of Navaliyoor, the “Paalasthapanam” was conducted and on February 9, 1996 Maha Kumbabeshekam was held. Certain sculptors were brought down from India to do some restoration work at Captain’s Garden Sri Kailasanatha’s Temple were invited by the devotees of this Paradise Place to erect a Sakthi Peedam under the trees where Sri Maha Kali Amman, Sri Munneswaran and several statues of Gods were placed and consecration ceremony was successfully conducted. Besides, with the view to accommodate the devotees, a hall was constructed in 1990 in the adjoining area. Board members: M. Nallathamby, who is the Chief Trustee of Sri Maha Kaliamman Thirukkovil and a devout devotee of this temple is rendering tremendous divine service and has taken all possible steps to make this temple a popular one in the city of Colombo. He blesses all human beings to lead a peaceful, prosperous life and prays for their well-being. Nallathamby was instrumental in getting the support and co-operation of the devotees of this temple to get down several statues form Tamil Nadu along with the renowned Indian Sculptor V. Nagalingam to construct a beautiful temple at this place. In 1996, the Chief Trustee M. Nallathamby and several members in the Restoration Society, devotees and well-wishers held a special pooja to lay the foundation stone for the construction of a new building at this temple, where D. Eeswaran, Chief Trustee of Gintulpitiya Varatha Raja Vinayagar Temple, President of the Colombo Kamban Kalagam and Councillor for Mauritus in Sri Lanka also participated. The poojas and all other ceremonies in connection with the foundation stone laying function was performed by Sri Vishva Venkada Subramaniya Kumbal and was attended by the Temple Restoration Society President S. Ramalingam and Assistant Secretary of the Restoration President S. Ramalingam and Assistant Secretary of the Restoration Society M. Vasudevan. We greatly look forward to the continued belief and support to ensure the Maha Kumbabeshekam to be held on 10th June 2012 is yet another success. For direct enquires please call the Temple hotline on + 0094112321372. With Divine Blessings of Goddess Kali Amman, The Paradise Place Temple team.
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Public figure: Hindu temple

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