St Peter's College, Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka

St. Peter's College (Sinhala: සාන්ත පීතර විදුහල, Tamil: செயிண்ட் பீட்டர் கல்லூரி) is a boys-only primary to secondary (inclusive) school in the Bambalapitiya zone of Colombo, Sri Lanka, founded in 1922.In 1919, just after the end of World War I, Fr. M.J. Le Goc, Rector of St Joseph's College, Colombo, wanted to start a college in the southern suburbs of Colombo, and acquired a block of cinnamon land in Bambalapitiya.Construction began on July 7, 1921 under the supervision of J R J Jayesuria, an alumnus of St. Joseph's College. In December 1921, Fr. Le Goc announced that St. Joseph's College South would open in January 1922.The buildings were designed by Fr. Le Goc, and were built in six months. The quadrangle in front had an oval drive running around it. Fr. Le Goc also incorporated the concept of open-air classrooms.The inauguration took place on Wednesday January 18, 1922. 204 students were admitted on that day and by the end of the year the number had risen to 268. The First rector was Fr.D.J.Nicholas Perera O.M.I. the Rector is Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin, and there were 6,088 students.St. Joseph’s College SouthSt. Joseph's College, Colombo was founded in March 1896. St. Joseph’s College South, later St.. Peter’s College, was built on neglected cinnamon land bordering the Galle Road and alongside the Wellawatte Canal, starting on 7 July 1921. Galle Road 00400 Colombo Sri Lanka Call: 011 - 2588249
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St Peter's College, Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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