Saint Peter, Jersey

Saint Peter is one of the twelve parishes of Jersey in the Channel Islands. It is in the west central part of the island. It is the only parish with two separate coastlines, stretching from St. Ouen's Bay in the west to St. Aubin's Bay in the south, and thereby cutting St. Brelade off from other parishes. The parish is the fourth-largest parish by surface area, covering 6,469 vergées It borders four other parishes: Saint Ouen to the northSaint Mary to the north-eastSt Lawrence to the eastSt Brelade to the south A large portion of the parish is occupied by Jersey Airport.The traditional nickname for St. Pierrais is ventres à baînis, perhaps because their parish sticks to two coasts like limpets.VingtainesThe parish is divided into vingtaines for administrative purposes as follows:La Vingtaine du DouetLa Vingtaine de St. NicolasLa Grande VingtaineLa Vingtaine des AugerezLa Vingtaine du Coin Varin The parish forms one electoral district and elects one Deputy. Call: <>
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Saint Peter, Jersey

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