polly and other stories, Karachi, Pakistan

Tell your story. The inquisitive global villager’s destination for the less ordinary. Pakistan's FIRST online store for hand-made, unique products Pakistan's FIRST online store for hand-made, unique products sourced from the region. Made just for you! Free shipping over PKR 2500 across Pakistan. We also deliver worldwide! Polly & other stories give big voices to little ventures. Through our curated, online marketplace, we support creative businesses, designers and talented artisans across South Asia to sell unique, signature products based on local culture, aesthetic and crafts. We assist local entrepreneurs and designers to develop and sell products to a global audience while enabling businesses and artisans to grow, learn, and make a living. polly & other stories works with a wide and diverse community of innovative artisans, designers and entrepreneurs across Pakistan with a unified vision of dynamic product development. Our partners differ - from rural women painstakingly crafting beautiful pieces with age-old hand-worked techniques to an entrepreneurial, home-based artisan crafting luxury candles and talented men producing hand-blocked wares with organic dyes. But their creative spirit and love for what they do binds them all. The team behind polly & other stories have a long history of working with local communities, craftspeople, designers and artisans, resulting in sustainable economic empowerment and employment. We help bridge the gap between consumer demand for inspirational products and stories and the wonderful businesses and producers who make them. We work closely with small businesses led by women and youth, and those are led by or employ traditional craftspeople. By engaging directly with our partners and their networks of producers, we help artisans, particularly women in rural, remote communities, with product and skill development, business mentoring/training, manage their growing enterprises women, and focus on economic development and long-term sustainability. Badar Commercial Area, Off 26th Street, Phase 5, DHA 75500 Karachi Pakistan Call: +92 02135244082
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polly and other stories, Karachi, Pakistan

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