Trail Run Events, Encino, United States

Trail Run Events are your official hosts Los Angeles County's most Beautiful and Challenging Trail Runs. Known as "The Friendliest Race in L.A.", the Valley Crest Half Marathon is a popular trail half-marathon on the second Sunday of June each year. This RRCA State Championship Race makes this the perfect competition for the serious runner and is also "user friendly" enough to be a great first-timer trail run! The challenging and popular Bulldog runs consist of two races - the 25K Trail Run and the 50K Trail Ultra Run in the beautiful scenic Santa Monica Mountains. The Bulldog is a RRCA Regional Championship Race for the 50K. This is the original "Bulldog Trail Run"; accept no imitations! Ahmanson 12K Trails, in beautiful Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Ahmanson Ranch, is a fun, fast, and challenging little trail run for individuals and team runners! Fool Moon 12/24 Hour Runs is held on a Springtime Full Moon Weekend every year at Lasky Mesa, Ahmanson Ranch. 12 Hour and 24 Hour runners will run through the night under a Full Moon. How many miles can you run? Call: (818) 591-1862
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Trail Run Events, Encino, United States

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