Saraland Shops (Small Business Shopping), Saraland, United States

Hi, this is "Saraland Shops"... We like to help promote all of our Local Businesses... because we are family... and friends... and Community.. all here together... and if we all help each other... it is likely to effect our Economy in a positive manner... so if we all share... information.. about a local business that you like... or use or own... That Would be Great !! We like to help share information Sales, Business, Hours, Locations, Special Events, all kinds of information that we the consumer would like to know all in one location... this is beneficial to the consumers... for fast friendly information...also for Quick Decision making... which helps keep our days stress free... and running smoothly... I will be working on adding as many local businesses that I know about..., but I need your help... if you are a local business owner or know of a local business... send me some info... along with a picture (Logo) that represents... Business hours of Operation... This will also help consumers find your page... and the basic information is available here they can jump to you page for all the little details... I a working on the proper setting... to make sure that the page is available to all.. to post.. all about you... and your business... Please be patient while I work out the quirks... Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any offers or sales or damages of any kind to any parties... Period. As an Admin of Saraland Shops: It is up you to get, and to maintain your own personal business License for your business!! and as member of Saraland Shops you release Saraland Shops from any responsibility of complication of any legal issues. This is a free service.... 202 Norton Ave, # B 36571 Saraland United States Call: (251) 679-3339
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Saraland Shops (Small Business Shopping), Saraland, United States

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