2006 is an album released in 2004 by Manfred Mann with Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Manfred Mann preferred to point out that this is rather his solo album. His explanation for this is given in the sleeve notes, where he says that some of the tracks were recorded in a more unrehearsed and experimental way than the others. Because of this, Mann preferred to present this outside the normal Earth Band context, as representative only of his personal tastes and not those of his Earth Band colleagues. He also remarks that the album title is not consistent with its release year because the resulting anachronism seems to him artistically interesting.PersonnelManfred Mann – keyboards, vocalsMick Rogers – guitarsGeoff Dunn – drumsSteve Kinch – bassNoel McCalla – vocalswith Chris Thompson – vocalsThomas D – vocalsMatt Loffstadt – guitarsDon Freeman – poem and talkingBarbara Thompson – saxophoneDean Hart – bass, guitars, vocalsHazel Hernandez – vocalsMelanie Pappenheim – vocalsArte Chorale – vocalsHenry's Eight – vocals
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